Success or failure: What your state of mind and your perspective have to do with your wins and losses

It is no secret that our state of mind and our perspective have a lot to do with how we deal with the ups and downs in our lives. This can also impact how we react to our wins and losses. As always, it is important to remember that we are all human and none of us are perfect.

Daily we all have opportunities to learn something new. Lessons that can help us in different situations. And, the way you treat yourself can also have an impact. If you have a stable self-love, a true desire for self-care, and you are not afraid to advocate for yourself, there is a good chance that you will take something new away from each win or loss. However, if you don’t have a lot of self-love and you don’t practice self-care, there is a good chance that you are letting someone else tell you what you are worth, how you should feel, and you will be focused on their reaction to your win or loss, not on your own feelings and thoughts about what you did well, what could be improved upon, and how you can strive to do better next time.

A healthy self-love gives you a desire for self-care. Your inner strength is built up. No one else has to tell you what you are worth because you can feel that within. Self-love and self-care also help with raising self-esteem. With that risen self-esteem, you are less likely to beat yourself up over someone else’s opinion of you. Rather you will focus internally on what lessons you learned, and how they can be applied later on.

Your perspective and your mind-set can vary widely for those who practice self-love and self-care, and those who do not. Your perspective and your mind-set will be focused more internally with a desire to learn and grow from each experience. Whereas, if you have not given yourself that gift of self-love and self-care, your mind-set is not your own, but that of the person you have given control over you. Your perspective is not one of internal reflection and learning, but one of adopting someone else’s perspective on your faults and what they perceive you could be better at. And, to be honest, I’ve always been one to believe that no one knows you better than you do!

If you believe within yourself and you have the confidence to believe that you can do anything you put your mind to, then you have gained some traction on the path to a better future and a healthier, happier you. However, if you are allowing others to tell you what they think you are capable of, and you have no opinion of your own, you are only doing what others think you can do. You are only going after what others think you should go after. You are limiting your potential based on the thoughts and ideas of others. To be truly and fully yourself, you need to know within yourself that you are capable if you believe in yourself and you put your mind to the task. To be fully satisfied with your successes and lessons from your failures, you need to know that you put in the work to get you where you are, not that your success is built on the thoughts, ideas, beliefs and goals of another.

We are all capable of a great many things in this life. We just seem to forget it quite frequently. We get caught up in listening to others instead of listening to ourselves and our own intuition. Learn to trust yourself again. Begin to grown in the knowledge that you are capable of so many great things. Have faith in your abilities and the never failing hand of God to get you through any situation.

Never forget that you are wonderful, you are capable, you are worthy and you are only human.

Thank you for reading, my wonderful followers and subscribers!! I hope you enjoyed it! God bless!!

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