It’s your life – Be the door keeper

In our daily journeys, we come across so many different people. Each from their own walks of life, background, profession and belief system. But, how do you decide to let someone into your life? Do you actively try to get to know people and then decide if they are safe to let into your life, or have you let a lot of people into your life and they make you regret it later on? This is what we will be discussing today in this post. Welcome, all my wonderful readers and subscribers!!

Today, I am going to ask you one question, and I want you to answer it honestly. Not for me, but for yourself and your own well being. Are you active in being the door keeper of your life?

I will be honest with you, my dear readers, I have not always been an active door keeper in my own life and I feel that I paid for it dearly. When I was still young and naive, the entrance to my life looked a little more like a revolving door than an actively guarded entrance. But it’s a process I think we all go through. We have to learn and discover for ourselves what we don’t want to have in our lives so that we can narrow down to exactly what we do want in our lives. And it is truly a journey with many bumps and bruises.

Almost everyone has had some experience with negative or manipulative people in their lives. Examining the relationship under a more harsh light gives you new insight into the true nature of the whole thing. And it leaves you wondering why and asking yourself some tough questions.

When you have this happen, you begin to look back on your history with this person and try to decipher any red flags. Were they genuinely happy for me in my better moments? Did they feel sorrow seeing me in my worst moments? You begin to dissect what you thought was a good friendship or relationship at the time, and you maybe start to see a pattern of use for convenience sake. You may realize that they showed greater happiness during your unhappiness, comfort in your discomfort, and joy in your hopelessness. How did you not see it? You may ask yourself. You are only able to see behind the mask when the mask slips. You can guess, but you won’t know for sure until they show who they truly are. Hence the need for an active door keeper.

What do I mean by being the active door keeper in your life? I mean simply that we can control who comes into our life and who does not. We can control who we allow to get close to us and who we do not allow such access to us. Actively being the door keeper in your own life means that you are taking back the keys to your “house” and only admitting those you truly want to be in your life, and in so doing, you are able to kick out the ones who want to do nothing more than disrespect your property, your time, your attention and your resources. You wouldn’t allow a murderer or a thief into your home, yet aren’t character assassination, blackmail, lies, abuse, manipulation, persuasion under false pretenses and fraud unacceptable in your life as well? The beauty inside of you is precious and priceless, protect and guard what you have rather than allowing open access to the most valuable and vulnerable parts of you that could be injured easily.

We each have something beautiful and valuable to offer in this world. We all have the opportunity to touch lives and leave a positive impact on others. Don’t allow your gift, your beauty, your intelligence, your shine, to be diminished by someone who has intentions of coming into your life to have a negative and destructive impact on you and all of those beautiful parts that make you who you are.

Love yourself enough to deny further entrance into your life from someone who has already hurt you, someone who has already lied to and manipulated you. Care for yourself enough to want to keep a strong inner peace, a positive vibe, and strong mental and emotional health daily in your life. No price can be placed on a calm mind, a happy heart, true inner peace and an honest joy that cannot be replaced. Don’t allow someone else to cheapen or devalue what is priceless within you. You are worth more. You are worthy of love, care, happiness, internal peace of mind and heart, satisfaction, and a joy that cannot be contained. Live in your worth, daily!

Thank you to all of my beautiful, wonderful readers and subscribers!! I hope you have all enjoyed the read today! I pray you all have a blessed day! Remember that you are worth more than you could ever know.

If this is your first time visiting “Creation of a beautiful life”, I invite you to check out my other articles. I will also insert the link for one of my previous posts here, “Attempted character assassination and the after affects of successful manipulation“.

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