“You are what you eat?”—You are what you internalize

We have all heard the “you are what you eat” line. The basic idea behind this statement is to make people realize that if they are eating healthier, they will be healthier. If they are eating unhealthy foods, their chances of being unhealthy go up. But, this idea can be applied to more than just what you eat. Essentially, you become what you internalize. More specifically, what you internalize has an affect on you. A chain reaction that materializes in your life based on a series of choices you make, and these choices ultimately being swayed in direction by what you have internalized, (IE.) Negative thoughts, Self-harming and Self-sabotaging thoughts stemming from a lack of belief in yourself, your abilities, and your value; a lack of self-worth and a warped view of ones own value, the belief within yourself that you either don’t know how to love, are not capable of love, or are unworthy of love. All of these negative internalizations can manifest themselves in your life through the choices you make which are fed and dictated by your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your life, your value, your worth as a person and you value as an individual.

We all want to be accepted and loved. It’s human nature to want to be accepted. We all want to be successful, we want someone to see value in us and what we have to offer. However, if you internalize the idea that you are not and will never be successful, you are less likely to make decisions that get you to success. If you believe and internalize that you have little or no value, your behavior will reflect that. If your behavior reflects that you believe you have no value, you attract the wrong people, those wrong people will see no reason to see value in you because you see and manifest no value within yourself and your own life.

If you allow the negativity around you, the negativity you feel lost in, to invade your very being through thoughts, beliefs and ideas you are internalizing, they will become an unwanted internal hindrance that will not go away until you make it go away.

Did you know that a Hydrangea’s petals change color based on acidity of the soil it is growing in? The Hydrangea’s petals manifest a change in color as a result of what it brings in to itself from the soil it is present in. The change in the acidity produces a change in the color. This beautiful flower manifests what it is internalizing in a very physical manner.

Hydrangea’s vividly changing petal colors based on soil acidity and composition.

Just like the Hydrangea above, we can be affected by the environment we are in and what we internalize. The negativity or positivity we take in can change the way we see our lives, the way we see ourselves, and how we manifest treatment of ourselves. What we take in changes us, either for better or for worse.

A ship at sea can have a long sailing career. It can float atop the deepest waters, weather storms, carry great loads, and deliver people to destinations of their dreams. But, if that boat begins to take on water from the ocean around it, it begins to sink. Weighted down by what it once sailed flawlessly upon.

Photo by Pok Rie on Pexels.com

    What we internalize, what we allow inside of us, has the ability to change us, it has the ability to shape our lives. If we allow negativity to seep into our lives and into our being, we begin to be weighted down by that negativity. It can shape us and change us into something and someone we don’t recognize. Negativity, once internalized, can change us into something we never wanted to be. Something we were never meant to be. A shell of who we were. A literal representation of the wreckage of our hopes and dreams before we began to succumb to the weight of our adopted negativity.

    However, if we allow ourselves to, instead, internalize positivity, it can change and shape the color with which we see our lives, ourselves and our futures. It can broaden our horizons, empower us to reach for our dreams and strive every day for the attainment of our goals.

    What we allow ourselves to internalize is what we begin to think about, to ruminate on daily. And what is ruminated on daily, will begin to manifest itself in our lives at some point. Internalize positivity and you will manifest positivity, internalize negativity and you will manifest negativity.

    None of us are every perfect. We have all had moments in our lives when we felt as though we were drowning in negativity and darkness. And then a change occurred. Somewhere in our lives, in our thoughts and decisions, a change occurred that impacted us and our course. We do not have to stay in negativity. We do not have to be forever stuck in the mindset that we are not worth while, valuable and have nothing of value to add to this world. We can escape and rise above to ascend to what we were always meant to be. You have the power within you to change course, attain your goals and reach those dream destinations in your life if you first, believe you can, and second, hold onto your persistence and don’t give up control of your vessel.

    Hold strong, maintain your course, believe you can, and you will achieve!!

    Thank you to all of my readers and subscribers! I hope you all enjoyed the read!

    God bless, everyone!

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