Refocusing my attention to bring better content

Hello and happy Sunday to all of my wonderful readers and followers!

I wanted to let everyone know that I still have the same site, I just felt that a change was needed for the look and feel of my site. I am seeking to incorporate different topics of how we each live our lives and the strikingly different paths that have brought us all to where we are today. Hence the name change to “Creation of a beautiful life”.

I will still be focusing on self-love and self-care, while covering other topics more thoroughly in my research and writing as well. So, the change to my content will not be drastic, but I will be adding in supporting content for our self-love and self-care topics and discussions.

I realized after starting this site that there are so many different avenues, paths and experiences we all have that each take us down a different path in life and that just focusing on self-love and self-care could not fully cover the true ins and outs of the feelings and emotions we all have surrounding self-love and self-care. My desire is to cover these topics fully and be able to provide increasingly better content that each one of my readers and subscribers deserve.

This chapter for me has started out small but has begun to grow more than I could have ever realized it could, so I wanted to expand with it to be able to fully do this important topic the justice it deserves.

Thank you so much everyone! I truly hope you will all enjoy the content I have coming up!!

God bless, everyone!

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