25 Great Mental Health Journal Prompts to get you through

Our mental health is very important to our overall health. It can be surprising how quickly our physical health can decline if we don’t have the tools to take care of our mental and emotional health as well. There are so many facets to our health needs and requirements that, at times, it can be a little daunting to think that we need to balance all of that. But, with the right knowledge and tools, caring for your mental health won’t feel as intimidating.

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Below, I’ll be sharing a list of 25 great mental health journaling prompts to help you better understand your own thoughts and feelings, and help you to identify any patterns that may make a difference ,or help you in your journey for more stable mental health and better all around health.

  1. List anything you were thankful for today, no matter how small
  2. “What are a few things you love about yourself, and why?”
  3. “Did anything in particular trigger you today or set off any negative thoughts or emotions?”
  4. “Was there a certain occurrence today that made you feel good or brought you pleasure?”
  5. “Do you feel that you have people around you who support you and understand your struggles? If so, who?”
  6. “Do you enjoy spending time with yourself? Why or why not? What could you do to start enjoying time with yourself again?”
  7. “Was there a point in time where you felt you loved yourself more? If so, what do you feel the differences are between now and that point in time?”
  8. “Describe the ideal place that brings you the most joy and peace”
  9. “Are there certain parts of daily life, or certain people, that bring you more stress than others? Why do you think that is?”
  10. “Is there anyone in your life, or part of your day, that give you a sense of motivation and fulfillment?”
  11. “Is there anyone that you look up to or admire? Who are they and why do you admire them so much?”
  12. “From beginning to end, talk about your day. The happy moments, stressful moments, sad moments, frustrating moments. Talk about everything.”
  13. “How would you describe yourself now vs. 5 years ago? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
  14. “Name a few things that give you courage to continue with a bad day.”
  15. “What are your go-to coping mechanisms when you feel triggered? Do you feel that they work well for you in any situation?”
  16. “Write a list of things you feel you can realistically control and a separate list of things you feel you have no control over.”
  17. “Is there a hobby that you would love to try but feel you don’t have the courage for? How could you begin to build the courage within yourself and your own abilities to allow you to try this new hobby?”
  18. “What are some habits in your daily routine that you feel are a great benefit to you? Do you have any habits in your routine that you know add no value to your health but you aren’t sure how to separate yourself from those habits?”
  19. “Describe what self-love and self-care mean to you.”
  20. “Describe your past. Do you feel there is anyone in your past that left a positive or negative impact on the person you are today?”
  21. “Do you remember your first depressive episode? How does that compare with how you feel today?”
  22. “Do you feel you are able to make meaningful connections with people? If so, what helps you connect with these people? If not, what do you feel holds you back from making these connections?”
  23. “Do you see yourself as being successful in this moment?” If so, what helped you get to where you are now? If not, why do you feel you aren’t as successful as you’d like to be?”
  24. “What is the number 1 goal you have for your life? How do you plan to achieve it?”
  25. “If you could give anyone advice about dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, stress or mental illness, what would you share with them? Why do you feel this piece of information is beneficial?”

I truly hope the above list can help you open up to new ideas and emotions that will help you heal and evolve into the person you strive to be.

Remember, life isn’t perfect. Our thoughts can be ugly and messy at times, and that is okay. We don’t have to be perfect and our lives will not always look like we have it all together. There are ups and downs in this life. But with the right tools and support, you can reach a higher level of health and happiness.

Thanks for reading everyone! God bless!

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