Most effective exercises for stress management

Stress, in its many different forms, can definitely take a toll on us. Stress can have an affect not only on our physical health, but our mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. Stress can be caused by many factors in life and there is never a way to truly avoid it completely. But, having the proper tools to deal with stress when it comes your way could be what helps you work through your stress more effectively.

There are many different exercises that could be used for stress management. Today, I’ll be sharing what I have personal experience with using just to give you an idea of the different ways you can begin your personal stress management process.

I would like to take this moment to say that if you feel you are encountering or dealing with an amount of stress that you are struggling to handle on your own, please don’t hesitate to seek help. There are many great professionals in the field of mental health that can help you work through so much stress in a safe environment. I encourage each and every one of my beautiful readers and followers to take the importance of your mental health seriously and seek help if you feel that it would be beneficial for you.

Below, I’ll be sharing a list of some of my favorite stress management exercises. These are exercises that I personally use on a regular basis to help me deal with general amounts of stress and anxiety. This isn’t a complete list of available stress management exercises, so if any of my readers can add anything helpful to this list, please feel free to comment with any suggestions you may have!

  1. Qigong

What is Qigong? Qigong is something similar to Tai Chi. I have heard Qigong described as “Moving Meditation”. Qigong focuses on slow, flowing movements and maintaining mindfulness of your breathing, while allowing your mind to be in a calm state of meditation.

I have used Qigong in my stress management routine to help bring me back to a more relaxed state of mind. I am fairly new to Qigong as I have only been practicing this type of meditation for about a year but it has truly worked wonders in my life where stress management is concerned.

If you are interested in Qigong, The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has a great article on Qigong that goes into great detail about the positive impact it can have on your health and the different studies that have been done to prove its effectiveness.

2. Walking

Walking is a very gentle form of exercise. It is not high impact and it can be done just about anywhere. You don’t need any special classes or equipment to make walking a part of your routine.

I incorporate walking into my routine several times a week. A slow, gentle walk in the evening usually helps me relax from a more stressful day and allows me to disconnect from any outside stressors and focus only on the environment that I’m walking in.

3. Running/Jogging

I am a jogger. I do love to jog and it is my go-to, daily stress reliever. I haven’t always been a jogger though! I had never thought of myself as someone who would be classified as a jogger. But then I found the “Couch to 5K app”. At first I was a little skeptical that anything could every possibly convince me that running was a great pass time. Until I got into this app. And it honestly changed my life. And not only my life, but how I view my body, and my belief and confidence in my own abilities. Here are the links for “Couch to 5K” for both Apple and Android products if you’re interested in checking them out:

“Couch to 5K” for Apple and “Couch to 5K” for Android.

4. Stretching

There are times when you have had such a hard day and you are so stressed that you simply can’t wrap your mind around how your day has gone, let alone focus on an exercise routine. And that is understandable. We have all been there! So, what would I personally recommend when you don’t feel up to going for an all-in exercise routine?

Stretching. Sit down in a comfortable position. It could be on a yoga mat, on a thick towel or blanket on the floor, or even on the edge of your couch. Work your way down your body. From your face and neck down your body. Stretch each muscle group and allow those muscles to ease into the stretch. Don’t forget to breath slowly and comfortably while you are performing your stretches and simply place the focus on how that particular muscle group is feeling through the stretch. Sometimes the smallest actions can truly have the greatest impact on us.

5. Journal

This one is less of a physical exercise and more of a mental and emotional one. Instead of physically moving your body, use your mind and your emotions to put down on paper what has been bothering you so badly.

-What hurt you today?

-What frustrated you today?

-Did you feel you were too piled up with commitments and had no real help available?

-Were you able to express yourself in a way that allowed others to understand you and what you were going through?

-Did you feel respected today or the opposite?

-Is your work flow routine working for you in the most optimized way or do you need to readjust at different times for different needs and responsibilities?

None of us can ever completely escape an encounter with stress. And, sometimes, those encounters with stress happen more often than we would like. But that is a part of life. Learning to deal with stress in a positive way for us, individually, is an important part of maintaining the different aspects of our health.

One individual’s approach to stress management may be completely different from another person’s idea of what stress management means to them. Be open to different ideas about managing your stress, and be in tune with your body and your mental state to know what would work best for you and what approach would not work at all for you.

There are times when we may not even know what would work best for us without a period of trail and error to help us figure it out. And that is completely okay!

Love yourself and care for yourself as no one else has and no one else can. You have one body in this life. Learning to care for it can sometimes take years of experimentation. But, never give up on the idea of truly learning to care for your body and the person you are.

And, as always my friends, never forget that you are valuable, you are loved and you can make it through so much!

If you’re interested in finding out more about some fantastic healthy habits to incorporate as well, check out my last post : “Best Healthy Habits to add to your daily routine”.

Thanks for reading, everyone! You are SO appreciated!!

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