Effective ways to build healthy habits into your self-care routine

The vast majority of us have habits, routines or rituals that we perform on a daily basis. From our set routine upon waking in the morning getting ready for work to our routine that gets us ready for bed, and any number of routines for a variety of different reasons throughout our day. These routines and habits have become a part of our day.

The most of our routines are made up of essentially a string of habits that we do generally in a certain order. The order of these routines makes sense to us and works well with the way our other daily routines flow. So, sometimes adding to or taking away from a routine can be hard to do if we have been on this set routine for very long, but it is possible.

How many times have you, or someone you know, tried to stick to a New Years weight loss resolution only to find that by the second to third week in January you are completely burned out and about to forget the whole idea? Why? In reality, it’s just not super easy to rip ourselves away from a set routine and attempt to apply and incorporate a brand new routine all at the same time. While you are trying to break old habits, you are also attempting to create new ones. Things can get a little hectic trying to implement this new routine into our daily flow and hoping that it will work for us.

Below, I’m going to share with you a few tips that helped me begin to implement new, healthy habits into my routine without wanting to throw in the towel shortly thereafter.

  1. Don’t overwhelm yourself with attempting to change or implement too many new habits at once. The new habits you are hoping to solidify into your routine haven’t become ingrained yet. They aren’t second nature to us. We may have to figure out gradually where these new habits will fit the best into our daily routine so that we are more inclined to stick to them.
  2. Start integrating smaller, new habits into your routine first. If one of the new healthy habits you want to start implementing is drinking more water, consider purchasing a reusable water bottle from Amazon or Walmart. They have great deals on the larger, reusable water bottles (from .98 cents to 13.99 and up) and you’re more likely to pay more attention to this habit if you’ve already invested in it.
  3. Be realistic with the expectations you are placing on yourself. We can sometimes be our own worst critic. I’m definitely guilty of this! No one is perfect and when implementing new things into your routine, you are bound to forget some things. Don’t beat yourself up if the new addition to your routine is a little bumpy at first. Everything takes time and practice!
  4. Don’t be afraid to make lists or set reminders for yourself. Sometimes new habits do require some planning and consideration. If you use an Android device, Google Keep Notes is a great free app that allows you to not only make notes but make lists, save images and audio as well. If you are using an Apple device, you could still use Google Keep Notes (its compatible with either OS) or you could use Apple Notes, also free, with several positive features of its own if you happen to be a stickler for Apple products.
  5. Remember that how and what you truly think of this new habit you are trying to incorporate will have an impact on your dedication to it. If it is a habit you are trying to pick up because others in your group have done so and you aren’t really interested in it, you may not be as dedicated to it. Looking at implementing a new healthy habit with the right frame of mind could really impact the results you achieve. Instead of feeling as though you are forcing yourself into something you don’t want to do, think of it as making steps toward a healthier version of yourself, with a healthier future that could possibly lead to less health issues and a longer life with those you love.

Adding new habits to a routine and trying to change old ones is never super easy. There are always things that we will struggle with. But persistence, with belief in yourself and your own capabilities, can be the key to succeeding. Hopefully the above tips can mark the start of a positive and healthy new habit that will benefit you for years to come.

Thanks for reading guys! God Bless!

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