Learning to be thankful through unanswered prayers

As children, we often ask for things that aren’t good for us, things that aren’t healthy for us. We aren’t focused on or concerned with what is good for us and what could hurt us. That is where the wisdom of our parents, or those who are raising us, come in to play. They have learned so many hard lessons through experience and they try to do their best to save us from the struggles they have faced. But, being children, we simply can’t understand. That natural, in-born curiosity gets the best of us most of the time and we fall on our faces. And sometimes, we fall repeatedly. But its the learning, the understanding of why we fell, and the reasoning behind it, that becomes all the more valuable.

That’s where growth comes in. Growth is accomplished when you take the lessons you have learned in this life, and you apply them.

Looking back, I can think of so many prayers I have prayed that I am so thankful God didn’t answer. At the time, I felt as though my world was caving in. But I know now that God was putting me where he wanted me to be, not where I thought I wanted to be. That is a beautiful thought. I honestly can’t think of a greater honor than to be placed somewhere that I can be useful, to be able to offer help in some way.

Learning to be thankful for those unanswered prayers was challenging. Realizing that what I prayed for wouldn’t have been good for me, let alone not being beneficial for the Lord, was a sobering thought. But I came to realize that while God was listening to my prayers, he was still on course guiding me to the destination he had in mind for me. And that is something I have immeasurable joy in.

So when God doesn’t answer a prayer for you right away, its not that he isn’t listening. He’s just placing you where he wants you to be. For His will, for His glory. Learning to be thankful for those unanswered prayers has been a wonderful chance for growth and development.

When things get rough and you feel as though you are going through a trial, know with your whole heart that God hasn’t given up on you nor has he turned his back. He is listening. But he is also working while he is listening. Placing you where he needs you to be. There will always be days that are harder than others. There will always be valleys to travel through before you get to that mountain top again. But the trials are what truly make the mountain top so amazing and rewarding. Knowing how much God has brought you through to be able to make it to that mountain top. Knowing the battles you have praised him in, and the times he has carried you through. God is still with you.

The next time you feel that God isn’t listening, I pray he gives you the strength to make it through. I pray God gives you the patients to weather any storm. I pray God gives you the foresight to wait upon him when you just aren’t sure which way to go.

God is there through your battles. He is by your side in your darkest moments. And His hand is still guiding you through.

God bless, everyone!

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