Working from home: How the journey of self love can be the catalyst to invest in your dreams

Working from home is something that I have long dreamed of. And I know I’m not alone. There are millions of us who would love to be able to work from home and make enough money to support our families without constantly doing the Corporate America trudge from home to the office and back again. The majority of us already feel as though we are spending more time at work then we are at home anyway. And that doesn’t necessarily make for the happiest of work forces, does it?

My personal desire has always been to help people realize their true potential, and by the same token, motivate myself into action by believing in myself and what I have to offer as well. It has always bothered me to see people slaving away for peanuts when the work they do and the effort they give is worth so much more than any employer could realize. And, with the pandemic, some employers realized that the jobs of some of their staff could be easily done from home. So, did it change our concept of what the workplace is and is not? In some ways it did and in others, nothing has changed.

For me, realizing that I wasn’t being fair to myself was a big catalyst in changing my ideas about making a living and having pride in the work I do. I love writing. I love helping people. Both are huge passions of mine. I realized I had been working to make someone else’s business dream come true instead of putting in that time and dedication to making my own dreams come true.

Learning to love yourself all over again means that you are also rebuilding faith in yourself. Your are reestablishing that peace, that loving connection with yourself that was lost and destroyed along the way. In rebuilding that beautiful connection with yourself, you start putting more faith into what you have to offer the world, and the positive impact you could have on the lives of others. So, I made the decision to leave my position in someone else’s business to start my own business with my own ideas, beliefs and values that I wanted to build on. With the intent to learn, grown, thrive and help as many as I could along the way.

Working from home is possible.

The beginning is slow and painstaking. But it is so rewarding to see the work you have put into your dream start to flourish into something beautiful that has a lasting impact on others.

Some who like the idea of working from home aren’t 100% sure that it’s for them. And I can understand the different aspects of that. Being your own boss does require an intense dedication to the goal you are trying to achieve. There are no guaranteed paychecks weekly or bi-weekly. Your success depends on your work ethic, your drive and your determination. But the reward is so much more than monetary.

The journey of self love and self care can lead to many different places for different people. For me, self love brought a greater desire for happiness and feeling at peace with myself. It brought a new-found faith in my capabilities, and helped me to realize that I had to take the chance to live and work the way I had always dreamed. So I started my own blog so I could reach out to others. To build connections and help people along the way.

There are many different ways for anyone to work and make money from home. And others give up before they’ve even began because they are overwhelmed and unsure of how to start, or even where to start. But honestly, you just have to start where your passion is. From blogging to running your own clothing shop, starting your own brand, selling goods online with an Etsy shop or setting up a consultation service for prospective clients, there is an avenue for you to travel. But you have to believe in yourself and in your capabilities.

So, my dear friends and readers, if you are thinking of working from home and being your own boss but not sure where to begin, remember the following:

  • You are capable
  • What you have to offer to the world matters
  • Every opinion is different and adds a unique perspective
  • If you have faith in yourself, you can accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible
  • Your work ethic, drive and determination will help drive you to success if you use them correctly

Self love and learning to find what makes you truly happy can initiate some big changes in the way you view yourself and the world around you. It can also influence how you live your life and where you feel your time and effort are most appreciated. Investment of your energy into your goals and dreams is something that you owe to yourself. Focus on bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Set goals for yourself, even if they seem small, and don’t give up on those goals.

Remember, you are loved, worthy, and you have the power to shape your own future into what you want it to be. You’ve got this!

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