Control: Is your desire for control controlling you?

To be fair, there are a few things that we feel we have control over in this life. The next car we buy, where we live, the very stores we shop at. But there are just some things in this life that we can’t control. And those are the things I’m discussing today.

There are many reasons why people want to control and have control. They are all very human reasons. Some of those reasons are, unfortunately, darker than others. But some of those reasons come with trust issues. You feel that if you are the one in control of a particular person, place or situation that you are less likely to get hurt, either physically, mentally or emotionally. At times we fear not having control because we are afraid our lack of control makes us look weak. Sometimes we fear losing the control we feel we’ve always had because we don’t know what it feels like to live without that control. But let me ask you a question. Does maintaining control give you power? Or is it slowly draining it away?

Big questions! I know! And they require some thinking to really get to a satisfying answer. Pros and cons, negatives and positives ,if you will. However, if you are being honest with yourself (and I’m being honest with myself here), trying so hard to expend so much energy to maintain control…is flat out exhausting. You feel the effects mentally, emotionally and you will eventually begin to feel them physically as well. Trying to maintain that tight control you feel you have out of worry, dread, stress, fear of the unknown, or maybe even fear of what you already do know.

So, lets begin to break this down here. Just a few things you can and can’t really control so you can start to differentiate between what you can and can’t control. And maybe this will help you loosen the reigns on some of those worries you couldn’t really control anyway.

  1. You can’t control when your car breaks down, but you can control the maintenance of that vehicle.
  2. You can’t control the behavior of others. But you can control how you respond to their behavior.
  3. You can’t control illness or injury. But you can get regular check-ups, take any prescribed medications responsibly, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and attempt to ease into some form of movement or exercise that works for you and your bodies limitations or restrictions.
  4. You can’t control death and the affects that has on your family. But you can show due diligence by creating a living will, having your family know what you would like and what your last wishes are.

There are plenty of things in this world for us to all worry over, to dread or even to fear. But, if we chose to release this weight of control and worry that keeps us tied down, we would be living much happier lives. Not devoid of worry, pain or suffering. But knowing what you should worry over and what there is no need to worry over. That can be the difference between a happy life or a very stressed one.

I want to share a Bible verse with you and hopefully it touches you as it did me. Remember, you are worthy, you are cherished and you are loved!

Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy 
thoughts shall be established.

Proverbs 16:3

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