5 Ideas to help you get started showing some Self-Love and Self-Care

Self-Love and Self-Care are two topics that we don’t spend too much time thinking about until we are on the verge of a mental or emotional crisis. Then we wonder how we got into the unhealthy situation we’ve found ourselves in. We tend to put ourselves behind other needs in our lives that we consider to be a higher priority. But what if I told you that your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing should be a priority?

            Having so many commitments in your average day-to-day can make it a daunting prospect to begin to incorporate Self-love and Self-Care more consistently into your routine. With Kids, Work commitments, bills to pay, and errands to run it can be hard to find a moment to splurge on a 20-minute shower let alone a few minutes to journal or simply recenter yourself. But it is important to remind ourselves WHY self-love and self-care should be important pieces to our routine.

            My health was a determining factor when it came to consciously deciding to give myself some time each day to do something healthy for me. Staring down the barrel of some health issues that could have been avoided had I made better choices and made more time for myself was a wake-up call that I didn’t know I needed. And who needs extra medical bills when things are hard enough as it is?

            But there are some small things you can start doing today to start getting into the mindset of Self-Love and Self-Care. So, let’s get into it!

  1. Take 5 minutes to journal. You don’t have to be a world-class writer or even particularly enjoy writing. But take 5 minutes of your day to simply get a few things off your mind. Whether you make a voice recording on your phone, use the classic pen and paper, or scribble a sentence on the back of an old receipt you found in your car. Either way, permit yourself to voice what is on your mind. You never know. You may just feel a little lighter!
  2. Don’t Beat yourself up. As a woman who usually attempts to hold myself to a higher standard, I tend to struggle with this one. I want to do something to the very best of my ability. And if I feel I didn’t do well enough, I keep going over why it wasn’t good enough and how I could have done better. Don’t do this to yourself. It’s not healthy. It is natural for us to want to do the very best we can. But mentally putting yourself down when you don’t meet your own high standards will only lead to you feeling trapped into a vicious cycle.
  3. Drink plenty of water. This may seem like an odd one and it should be common knowledge. You feel better when your body is hydrated. You don’t feel as sluggish. Give yourself a personal challenge to drink so many ounces of water a day. It’s simple but it will give you a feeling of accomplishment to know you finished a self-care task.
  4. Don’t underestimate the benefit of fresh air. No matter your workspace, whether it’s in the office, at home, or in a coffee shop, you can still start to feel stiff and closed in if you don’t take a moment to breathe. Step outside. Take in a couple of deep breaths. If you have time for a short walk around your office building or in the front yard of your home with your kids running in circles in the yard, give yourself a moment to just feel the air on your face and breathe.
  5. Work on Self Love Affirmations. These can be simple but powerful. Something like, “I am a good parent”, “I am Enough”, “I am not perfect, but I give my all”, “I am worthy”, “Self-care is important to being able to care for those around me”.

There is no exact science to starting on your own Self-Love journey. Each person has their own needs and views on what Self-Love and Self-Care mean to them. But taking a few moments each day to simply allow yourself to be loved and cared for can change your day and your mindset.

Never forget, you are loved, you are cared for, you are enough!

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